Friday, April 20, 2018

Essence draw the line instant colour lip liners - Review and Swatches

I do love a good lipliner and a few weeks back I saw the new ones from Essence.  This brand is not new to this blog and I have quite a number of favourites from Essence. These new lipliners are the 'Essence draw the line instant colour lip liners'.
From left to right:
05 so un-grey-tful, 07 undress my lips, 11 cherry sweet, 14 catch up red, 12 head to-ma-toes, 16 fancy blush, 20 rich mahogany. 
Formula. These lipliners are super creamy. The pigment? These lipliners are super pigmented and full of intense colour. Price wise? Perfect at just 1.49 euros. Having said that I think you can run out of them easily especially if you use them all over your lips. They are perfect to use as a normal liner or even as 'lipsticks' i.e. all over the lips for a matte colour. 
From left to right:
05 so un-grey-tful, 07 undress my lips, 11 cherry sweet, 14 catch up red, 12 head to-ma-toes, 16 fancy blush, 20 rich mahogany.
Essence paired each shade with a matte lipstick which I think is a good idea. I didn't get the lipsticks though. There are 7 shades in total and they all swatch and apply beautifully except for one (20 rich mahogany) which I thought is a bit patchy, but still manageable.

Check the swatches below. Ps at a certain point I couldn't take the red off without leaving a bit of a red thing. Sorry if the lip swatches are not perfect hahah!

05 so un-grey-tful

07 undress my lips

11 cherry sweet

12 head to-ma-toes

14 catch up red

16 fancy blush

20 rich mahogany

Bottom line. I am really loving these lip liners! Have you tried them yet?



Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Uriage Water Sleeping Mask - Dehydrated Skin

Uriage is not a new brand to this blog. Infact, a while back I reviewed the Uriage Eau Thermale Range. The latest addition to the range is the Uriage Water Sleeping Mask for Dehydrated Skin. This winter has been a roller coaster for my skin. I have been focusing all my skincare on the hydration aspect. My skin is on the combination side. This winter it was rather dehydrated though.

I was invited to try out this Uriage Water Sleeping Mask. Ps: although this mask was sent to me, the below is my honest opinion as always.

The texture of the mask is like an ultra-light jelly texture. It is very cooling and refreshing and I would definitely put in the fridge in summer for extra freshness. It is packed with Uriage Thermal Water which has incredible hydrating properties.

I use it once or twice a week, depending on how dehydrated my skin is. I apply a thin layer on cleansed skin and leave it overnight. Don't worry, it won't transfer to your sheets or stain them. I also use it for around 30 minutes before makeup, when I apply heavy makeup or makeup for a special occasion. It makes the skin texture smooth and supple. It moisturises the skin whilst giving it a fresh glow.

It forms like a layer on the skin so as to progressively release moisturizing agents from the cream. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is known for its hydrating properties and the antioxidant Edelweiss extract leaves which give the skin a fresh and glowy apperance. The mask is Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically tested and Fragrance free.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mangano - Spring / Summer 2018 collection

Last week I was cordially invited to the launch of Mangano Spring Summer 2018 collection. The main theme in this collection is the eighties glamour as can be featured in flowing dresses with ruffles. Full tulle skirts, sequined striped sweaters and jeans studded with crystals are just some of the few key features which will make you reminiscent of the eighties.

In this collection wide ruffles, decorative shoulders, cinched waists, bustier-style belts and bare shoulders and legs are some of the features which are prominent. This collection is filled with butterfly prints, stripes in various colours and flowers. As one can see in the photos below the collection will also take you right into spring with colours including pastels among others. 



Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colour Correcting - Essence and Catrice

Last December I was sent some products from Essence and Catrice. As you all know these are frequently used in my blog and I do have several staples from both brands. 

I haven never been a big fan of colour correcting of any sort. I always found that it always ends up being too much products on the face. Having said that I do have quite dark under eyes circles. So, I thought of giving these products a try.

Please bear in mind that you still need to apply concealer and foundation after using colour correcting techniques. 

The below product is the Essence Correct to Perfect cc Concealer Palette.

The 4 shades are all cream shades and each colour basically neutralises a particular colour on the face. For example: Green neutralises redness, Yellow neutralises darker shadows in darker skin tones, Peach neutralises dark shadows in fair skin and Lavender balances sallowness.

The consistency is neither too think or thin and gives quite medium coverage I would say. 
I did try all the shades except the Lavender one. The green colour did really counteract the redness around spots. Coming to the yellow and peach shades. It is suggested that the peach one is suitable more for the fair skin tones and the yellow for the darker skin tones. I did try both the yellow and the peach shade. However, although I do have a deeper skin tone I found that the peach colour was more suitable for me for the undereyes. It also neutralised the dark circles more than the yellow shade.

The next product is the Catrice Colour Neutralizer Mattifying Powder. 

The powder has basically the same 4 shades however, in powder form. 

I did try to use each shade separately, however, I prefer using a sweep of all the 4 shades all over the face as an all over powder. 

All in all, I did enjoy both products especially the Essence one. Having said that I do feel that this is an extra step which I like to do when I want extra full face of makeup. I do suggest trying these products out if you want to start experimenting with colour correcting. 

Below are the before and after using these products.

What do you think?



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year New Skincare Regime - Uriage Eau Thermale Range

So, this winter my face wasn't in the best of conditions. I experienced the cold weather that Northern Ireland can offer. My skin was very dehydrated due to the wind/cold weather and lack of water. I have been using Uriage products on and off for several years but this time I wanted to really try and test the Eau Thermale Range.

When the skin lacks water it becomes uncomfortable, dull and lacks radiance. Fine dehydration lines appear and skin lacks suppleness. There are several factors which promote dehydration such as smoking, alcohol, air-conditioning, and very hot baths-showers. Drinking water is one of the most important factors to prevent dehrydation along with appropriate foods, weekly exfoliations and appropriate skincare. 

This range has the Uriage Thermal Water as a key ingredient. It is naturally moisturising, protective and soothing and contains trace elements and minerals which are essential in skincare products.

This light water cream is my current day face cream. It has an instant cooling effect and a gel-cream consistency which turns into a water texture when it comes in contact with the skin. It is rapidly absorbed and it cools and quenches normal to combination skin. 

It is also available with SPF 20 protection.

The Water Serum is a serum which is specifically designed to restore the skin's moisture. It's formula is enriched with powerful moisturising agents to revive the thirstiest skin and providing it with comfort, softness and radiance. I use the serum first and follow up with the light water cream.

This water eye contour cream is an ultra-moisturising cream whihc reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine dehydration lines. It strengthens the skin's moisture barrier  to protect it against daily aggressions. 

I also have some samples of the Rich Water Cream which has a creamy, nourishing formula enriched with shea butter. It provides the thistiest of skins with intense hydration. I like to use it as a night cream or when I feel my skin is extra dehrydrated during the day.

This whole range has been a life saver for my skin. It works wonders and I can feel my skin is more supple and hydrated in general. I also love how makeup sits just perfectly on top of the creams. It cannot be emphasised enough when it comes to good skincare and the importance of choosing the right skincare. Even from summer to winter our skin texture changes so we must adapt our products according to the need.

I strongly recommend this skin care range if you're looking for an excellent hydrating range which can be used by every skin type.

What is your current skincare range?